Working in partnership with ESCC

"Foster carers are the backbone of our Looked after Children provision here in East Sussex. In 2011-2012, 379 looked after children were placed with our foster carers. Our foster carers are very committed to our children and young people and this is  confirmed by our “placement stability ” figures ie how many moves of placement a child has whilst in care, which are consistently well below the national average and compare extremely well to our south east neighbours.

 Our motivated, skilled, enthusiastic and well trained foster carers are part of our “team around the child” and provide our looked after children with a secure and loving base to develop into well rounded adults. East Sussex Foster Care Association(ESFCA) not only supports foster carers but works alongside Children’s Services to help us recruit, retain and support only the best foster carers for our looked after children and young people. Ofsted have judged our Fostering Service to be Outstanding but I am very clear that we wouldn't have achieved that without the excellent working relationship we have with our carers.
I am extremely impressed that ESFCA not only supports and lobbies for our foster carers but have  also been extremely successful in securing  funding to provide residential weekends for our looked after children and young people. These weekends provide an excellent vehicle for social workers and foster carers to work alongside and learn from each other while helping looked after children grow in confidence and develop much needed life skills. ESFCA espouses a clear vision of partnership working that is based on ensuring an added value to the life chances that our looked after children experience. The Council is facing tough times financially as you will know but we always try to preserve our commitment to our carers because we know just how crucial that is.
We always need more foster carers and I would encourage anyone with the space, motivation and skills to offer a home to an East Sussex child to come forward. The support and excellent partnership they will receive from the successful East Sussex Foster Carer Association and Children’s Services is second to none, so come on board! " 
Matt Dunkley
Director of Children's Services
East Sussex County Council